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Charles Oppenheimer

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White Gables, Kirkcudbright

Artist: Charles Oppenheimer
Title: White Gables, Kirkcudbright
Date: c1941
Medium: Oil on canvas

59 by 92 cm

During the Second World War a project was undertaken to record buildings,which might be at risk of enemy activity and also to provide wartime employment for artists.  In Scotland this work was financed by the Pilgrim Trust under the chairmanship of Sir James Irvine, Principal of St Andrews University.  After the war the collection of works was donated to the University.

This work was also chosen as an illustration for the publication Recording Scotland , edited by James Scotland (see bibliography)

It is ironic that his most iconic of Kirkcudbright views was obliterated, not by enemy action but by the building of local authority housing and garages.

Gallery: University of St Andrews
Location: Kirkcudbright

Current Event: Charles Oppenheimer from Craftsman to Artist

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About the Artist

Artist: Charles Oppenheimer
Date of Birth: 1875
Date of Death: 1961
Place of Death: Kirkcudbright

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Moved in 1908 to 14 High Street, Kirkcudbright, rented from E A Hornel, then to Woodlea, Kirkcudbright, purchased in 1938.

Manchester School of Art; Italy

Professional Bodies:
ARSA, 1927; RSA, 1934; RSW, 1912

Exhibited At:
Royal Academy; Royal Scottish Academy; RSW; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts; Aberdeen Artists' Society; Liverpool


W S MacGeorge; friendly with Dorothy L Sayers and Mac Fleming when they lived next door at 14a High Street, rented from Hornel. Helped to found the Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Society

Charles Oppenheimer RSA, RSW, F G Mories, The Artist, Volume 33, No 6, August 1947. The Dee from Woodlands (sic), watercolour, 15.5 by 23 inches, illustrated in 25th Annual Galloway Exhibition, Bourne Fine Art at the McGill Duncan Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue 2003. A History of Scottish Art, Bill Smith and Selina Skipwith, Merrell, London, 2003. Kirkcudbright: one hundred years of an artists' colony, Patrick Bourne, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2000. Charles Oppenheimer RSA RSW, 1875- 1961, Exhibition Catalogue, Bourne Fine Art, 1990. The Tolbooth and Old Town, Kirkcudbright and Waterside, Kirkcudbright are illustrated. (In Stewartry Museum file) Paintings and Drawings by Charles Oppenheimer RSW, RSA, Broughton House, 1981, Exhibition Catalogue (Stewartry Museum file). McGill Duncan Exhibition Catalogue, August 2001 shows Loch Kindar, watercolour 171/2 by 23 1/2 in. Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists, Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright, 2006.  From Craftsman to Artist by Euan Robson, Atelier Books, 2012


Came to Kirkcudbright following chance meeting with E A Taylor in Manchester. Served with Royal Artillery in First World War. An enthusiastic angler and golfer. Had a great regard for the Manchester painter, Frederick William Jackson, who had influenced him as a young man. Designed a number of posters for British Rail, depicting local beauty spots. Designed the badge and motto Sempere Vigilo of the Scottish Police Force. Was a special constable in Kirkcudbright and served on Kirkcudbright Town Council. A well known figure in the artistic community. His portrait of W S MacGeorge is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Visited Italy with MacGeorge. His Kirkcudbright in Winter exhibited at Harbour Gallery jubilee, 1982. Illustrations of Garden at Twilight, The Galloway Dam Nearing Completion, The Old Tolbooth and Winter Landscape, Galloway are illustrated in Bourne  (see bibliography) . Galloway Dam Nearing Completion, Bourne p66 and Smith and Skipwith p86 The Linn Pool on the Dee Bourne p67 The Tolbooth, Kirkcudbright Bourne p68 Kirkcudbright Under Snow Bourne p69 Ebb Tide, Kirkcudbright Bourne p95 (see bibliography). His Kirkcudbright Under Snow is in the Royal Scottish Academy Diploma collection. Works can be found in many galleries: Manchester Art Gallery (The Tolbooth) Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery (Granite Quarry) Oldham (The Artist's Garden) Glasgow (Harnessing the Dee) Southport (Low Tide, Kirkcudbright) Worthing (Early Morning at a Solway Port) Blackpool (Winter Landscape in Galloway).  The Dee from Woodlea, oil on canvas 48 by 60 inches at McGill Duncan December 2004, alongside a smaller version.  Old Brig O' Dee, sold Christies, Edinburgh, 26/10/2006, sale 7299, lot,61.


His Old Bridge, Gatehouse of Fleet sold for £13,125, Bonhams, Edinburgh, sale 19877, lot 29, 13/12/2012


His Lilies and Reeds of 1893 was on display in the exhibition Five Centuries of Scottish Painting at the Town Hall, Kirkcudbright, 22 July to 28 August 2006.