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Caerlaverock Castle by Francis Grose

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Francis Grose

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Artist: Francis Grose
Title: Caerlaverock Castle
Date: Not Known
Medium: Pen, black ink and grey wash over pencil on paper

Gallery: National Gallery of Scotland
Location: Caerlaverock Castle

All Art Works by this Artist

View of Terregles Church

Torthorwald Castle

Spedlin's Castle, Pl.2 (near Templand)

Spedlin's Castle, Pl.1 (near Templand)

Sanquhar Castle, Pl.2

Sanquhar Castle, Pl.1

New Abby, Galloway Pl.2 [New Abbey]

Mote of Galloway, Pl.2 [Mote of Urr]

Mote of Galloway [Mote of Urr]

Morton Castle, Nithsdale

McLellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright

Lincluden College

Lincluden College

Laggan Stone, Pl.2

Laggan Stone

Lag Castle, Pl.2

Lag Castle, Pl.1

Kirkenbright Castle, Pl.2 [McClellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright]

Kenmure Castle Pl.2

Kenmore Castle, Pl.2 [Kenmure Castle]

Hodham Castle, Pl.2 [Hoddam Castle]

Hoddam Castle S. Aspect. Pl.1

The Hills Tower (near Lochfoot)

Glen Luce Abby, Pl.2 [Glenluce Abbey]

Glenluce Abby, Pl.1 [Glenluce Abbey]

Dunskey Castle, Pl.1

Dunskey Castle

Dundrennan Abbey, Pl.2

Dundrennan Abby, Pl.1 [Dundrennan Abbey]

Dumfries Bridge

Cowhill (near Holywood)

Closeburn Castle

Castle of Thrive [Threave Castle]

Castle Kenedy [Castle Kennedy]

Carlaverock Castle, Pl.3 [Caerlaverock Castle]

Carleverock Castle, Pl.2 [Caerlaverock Castle]

Butle Castle [Buittle Castle]

Bow Buts [Bow Butts, Moniaive]

Amisfield House (near Amisfield)

Abby of Sweet Heart in Galloway [Sweetheart Abbey]

Abbots Tower

Hoddam Castle

Spedlins Castle

Portpatrick Church

Closeburn Castle, Dumfriesshire

Caerlaverock Castle

Lag Castle

Sanquhar Castle


About the Artist

Artist: Francis Grose
Date of Birth: 1731
Date of Death: 1791
Place of Death:

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Stayed with the Riddells at Friars Carse, near Dumfries, in 1789, beginning his two volume Antiquities of Scotland.


Professional Bodies:

Exhibited At:




The Antiquities of Scotland, Francis Grose, London, 1797.  A number of Grose's watercolours of Dumfries and Galloway are to be found in the 9 volume Riddell collection at the Royal Scottish Museum (SAS 585).  Riddell's manuscript indicates the date on which Grose did particular drawings. 


The image of Grose is from the engraving after the portrait by Nathaniel Dance published in the Land of Burns, Glasgow, 1840.

Was invited to Friars Carse, near Dumfries, by Robert Riddell, where he met Robert Burns.  Burns wrote to Mrs Dunlop: "I have never seen a man of more original observation, anecdote and remark".  It is said that Tam O'Shanter was written in return for the inclusion of Kirk Alloway in Grose's Antiquities (see bibliography).  At page xxi he wrote: "To my ingenious friend Mr Robert Burns, I have been variously obligated; he was not only at the pains of making out what was most worthy of notice in Ayrshire, the county honoured by his birth, but he also wrote for this work the pretty tale annexed to Alloway church" Volume 2 of the Antiquities contains the poem.  The Dumfries plates are : Hoddom Castle, Spedlin's Castle, Torthorwald, Cowhill, Friars Carse, Morton Castle, Sanquhar Castle, Bow Butts, Closeburn Castle, Lag Castle, Aimsfield House, Dumfries Bridge, (After Sandby) Caerlaverock Castle.  Galloway plates are: Lincluden College, Threave, Sweetheart Abbey, Buittle Castle, Abbot's Tower, Mote of Galloway, Dundrennan, Glenluce, Hills Tower, Kirkcudbright Castle, Kenmure Castle, Laggan Stone (By his servant Thomas Cocking ), Castle Kennedy, Dunskey Castle.  Grose indicated that his Dumfries bridge was taken from Paul Sandby's drawing of 1747.