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Winter Landscape with Church, Dalbeattie by John Maxwell

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John Maxwell

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Winter Landscape with Church, Dalbeattie

Artist: John Maxwell
Title: Winter Landscape with Church, Dalbeattie
Date: 1948
Medium: Watercolour, guache and pen and ink on paper
Description: On long term loan to the City Arts Centre, City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries.

Gallery: City Art Centre, Edinburgh
Location: Dalbeattie

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Winter Landscape with Church, Dalbeattie

Trees at Dalbeattie with Distant Church

Rocks on the Solway

Landscape with Church and Trees

Landscape with Animals

Evening Landscape

Carsethorn - Pencil Drawing

The Square, Dalbeattie

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Landscape near Dalbeattie

Farm near Dalbeattie

About the Artist

Artist: John Maxwell
Date of Birth: 1905
Date of Death: 1962
Place of Death: Dalbeattie

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Born in Dalbeattie, 12 July 1905. Exhibited from Millbrooke, Dalbeattie, from 1947.

Edinburgh College of Art, won travelling scholarship to continent 1927. Also studied in Paris under Fernand Leger and Amedee Ozenfant at Leger's Academie Moderne.

Professional Bodies:
ARSA, 1945, RSA, 1949

Exhibited At:
Royal Scottish Academy; Aberdeen Artists' Society


William Gillies


John Maxwell, David McLure, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1976. SAC Three Scottish Painters (Maxwell, Eardley, Philipson) 1963. John Maxwell 1905-1962, An Exhibition and Catalogue of his Work  (with introduction by D M Sutherland and catalogue by Douglas Hall),1963. John Maxwell, R H Westwater, Scottish Arts Review, Volume 4, 1956. Memories of Maxwell, exhibition catalogue, Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries,1982 included: 8, Mill Near Dalbeattie; 46, Farm Near Dalbeattie; 47, Landscape Near Dalbeattie; 48, Mill Near Dalbeattie. (These works are at Gallery of Modern Art). Gallery of Modern Art 3346 is a self portrait of John Maxwell c1937-9 oil on plywood 86cm by 59cm 

Image,  the photograph of John Maxwell at work in his studio at Millbrooke, Dalbeattie, is taken from the Memories of Maxwell exhibition catalogue


Born in Dalbeattie, where his parents owned the local cinema. On study visit to Spain and Italy impressed by the work of the Italian primitives. His work also has an affinity with that of Redon and Chagall. Appointed to staff of Edinburgh College of Art 1929. Retired 1946 to paint full time. 1955 invited to be senior lecturer by W G Gillies. Retired again to Dalbeattie 1961. First major exhibition with William Gillies 1954. He had been on painting trips to Kirkcudbrightshire with Gillies in the late twenties.

"In the words "red sandstone, granite, stone dykes, limewash,shore and moorland birds" we recognise the source material of Maxwell's paintings.  Dalbeattie and Galloway generally were to remain for Maxwell what Cookham was for Stanley Spencer, a fount to which throughout his lifew he constantly returned for refreshment, either physically or in recollection." David McClure.

"On the death of his parents in 1943 he was able to give up full time teaching at the Art College and return to his beloved Dalbeattie to live on a small private income provided by his share in the family cinema." McClure.

In a letter to the Tate Gallery, Maxwell described his painting Night Flowers as one of four on the theme of moths, butterflies and flowers, which were inspired by an exceptionally fine flowering of a bush of Rosa Moyesii in the artist's garden, combimned with his perception of moths against the window at dusk.  Referred to in SNGMA catalogue 1963

His picture Butterflies and Rose in Aberdeen Art Gallery is another in this series.

Stewartry Museum has Evening Landscape.

A S Watt's personal memory of the artist is contained in the catalogue to the Memories of Maxwell exhibition, Gracefield Art Centre, 1982: "Johnnie lived in Dalbeattie in a very beautiful house, full of books, music and paintings and set in no ordinary garden  and one soon realised that the lyrical, poetic art of this man came from those quiet sources."