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In The Artists' FootstepsThe Wood Cutters by William Stewart MacGeorge

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William Stewart MacGeorge

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The Wood Cutters

Artist: William Stewart MacGeorge
Title: The Wood Cutters
Date: Not Known
Medium: Oil on canvas

28 by 36 inches

While W S MacGeorge peoples his later canvases with children, this fine large work depicts the naturalist theme of rural work typical of the earlier works of the Kirkcudbright school.

Gallery: East Lothian Council
Location: Kirkcudbright

All Art Works by this Artist

Yair Net on the Dee, Kirkcudbright

The Wood Cutters

The Windings of the Dee Below Kirkcudbright

Wild Hyacinths

Threave Castle

The Tolbooth, Kirkcudbright

The Harbour, Kirkcudbright

Summer on the Solway

Senwick Wood

Salmon Fishers on the Dee

River with Trees and Farm (Untitled)

Port Macadam

On the Solway

On the Shore, Kirkcudbright

The Mouth of the Dee

Kirkcudbright from the Stell



Kirkcudbright Buildings

Kirkconnel Glen



A Galloway Peat Moss

Daffodils in Torrs Wood

Coastal Scene with Figures Bathing

Cave at Auchenlair (Auchenlairie)

Carlingwark Loch

Bluebell Wood Overlooking the Solway Firth

Bluebells, Torrs Wood, Kirkcudbright

The Blacksmith's Shop

Autumn Sunshine, Kirkcudbright

Autumn in Galloway

A Host of Golden Daffodils

On the Dee

Senwick Side

A Summer Day on the Solway

Nine Stiles, Kirkcudbright

Harbour Scene, Kirkcudbright

Grey Day on the Solway

About the Artist

Artist: William Stewart MacGeorge
Date of Birth: 1861
Date of Death: 1931
Place of Death: Edinburgh

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Born in Castle Douglas. Exhibited at Royal Scottish Academy from 120 King Street, Castle Douglas. Lived in Kirkcudbright at various times and was a regular summer visitor. Exhibited at Royal Scottish Academy from there 1918. Shared studio with David Gauld at Castlemains Studio.

Edinburgh; Antwerp under Verlat and at RSA Life School. Awarded Keith Prize, 1887 for best picture by a student in the exhibition that year

Professional Bodies:
ARSA,1898; RSA, 1910

Exhibited At:
Royal Academy; Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts; Aberdeen Artists' Society; Liverpool; Royal Hibernian Academy


E A Hornel, David Gauld, Harry MacGregor

Royal Scottish Academy obituary 1931; Scotsman obituary10. 11, 1931. Studio, Volume 49, 1910, pp 229-230. The Dictionary of Scottish Painters, Paul Harris and Julian Halsby, Canongate. Kirkcudbright: one hundred years of an artists' colony, Patrick Bourne, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2000. His Bridge of Dee, Summer illustrated in Neil Duncan and BFA catalogue December 1999.(Stewartry Museum file) Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright, 2006

A Galloway man, where throughout his life he found his favourite painting subjects.As a delicate child he was allowed to follow his interest in art. There is a range of MacGeorge's work in the Stewartry Museum collection and in Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries. The paintings in Dumfries include his portrait of Malcolm McLachlan Harper. His Day on the Shore is in Rozelle Art Gallery, Ayr. His portrait of William Mouncey is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. His Children by the Solway Coast is illustrated in Harris and Halsby p134 (see bibliography). His Bluebell Wood Overlooking the Solway Firth is illustrated in Bourne p51 (see bibliography). Hornel encouraged him to adopt a more decorative style with greater use of impasto and bolder colour. Fell out with Hornel after criticising his heavy drinking. He is particularly remembered for his works depicting children playing in woodland. Character Jerry McWhirter in S R Crockett's The Raiders modelled on MacGeorge. An early portrait was of John Faed RSA, exhibited Royal Scottish Academy 1890. In 1891 exhibited presentation portrait of "Surfaceman", Alexander Anderson.  His Kirkcudbright 37 by 56 inches is in Dundee Art Gallery. His Kirkcudbright by Moonlight exhibited at Harbour Gallery, Kirkcudbright jubillee exhibition, 1982. His Spring by the Buckland Burn sold for £6000 at Christies, South Kensington, sale 5306, lot 0068, 16 04 2008. His wife, Mabel Victoria Elliott, was daughter of The Hon Hugh Elliott of Corwar, Barrhill, Ayrshire. They married in 1929. Spent winters in Edinburgh at 11 Melville Place and summers in Kirkcudbright.